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Classic free flight film - "Adrift in the Air - Free Flight"

June 16, 2016 6:58 PM | Web Master (Administrator)

This classic free flight film brought to our attention by Fred Terzian, was made for AMA by Jay Gerber and legendary NFL Football narrator John Facenda. 

The scenes at Taft were filmed around 1981 at the U.S. Free Flight Champs. OCD members Bud Romak and Roger Gregory can be seen at 1:37. Fred Terzian can be seen at 1:45 on the left in a red shirt, mustache, curly hair and glasses. Manny Andrade can be seen at 2:20 and Bob and Carmen Critchlow can be seen at 8:08. Fred's sons David and Chris, Scott Persons (one of Rod's sons) can be seen at 22:41.


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