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Important information for all who fly at the Waegell field

February 27, 2019 12:10 AM | Web Master (Administrator)

Please see excerpts form email exchanges between frequent Waegell flyers on gate locks. Your cooperation is critical and would be very much appreciated by all who fly at Wagell. 

> Ed Decker

> P.S. I was the last one out of the field Sat.Feb. 23 and stopped and talked to the cattle cowboy rancher.

> He said he has noticed the combo lock combination not cleared on the lock at the gate a few times..!

> He wanted to make sure everyone clears the numbers before leaving....!!

> Fred Terzian
> Also, his highlighted warning about the gate lock is very important. We do not need to have people trashing the field with trash or

> abandoned cars. Worse yet is that the cattle could get out and cause a serious problem on Sunrise Blvd. If you are the first to arrive for a
> contest or test flying, make sure the lock code is no longer displayed, and of course clear it when you are the last to leave as well.

> Ben Tarcher

> Sounds like a good idea to me. If there is a problem with the lock we can add another one in series so if the first one doesn't

> work the second would . This is just a fail safe pecaution but works.

> Chris Borland

> Positive clearing of the lock is a good idea. I was out there last Tuesday and cleared the numbers but the tumblers hadn’t

> moved until I squeezed the lock and made sure that they were cleared. This word should be passed around to the several

> clubs. Users should test and MAKE sure that it wont’t open after closing! PULL TEST IT! A second lock should not be

> needed as long as everyone knows how to make sure the gate is actually locked.

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