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April 10, 2021 8:00 AM • Lost Hills
April 30, 2021 8:00 AM • Waegell Field

Sherman Gillespie Collection - Rubber

Here's a nice collection of rubber powered free-flight model plans designed by Honorary OCD Member Sherman Gillespie. 


Scale rubber model of the 1929 Glenny & Henderson Gadfly. 18" wingspan. Published in MAN, April 1955. 

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Quickie Mail Plane

Parasol wing rubber model. AKA Ryan M-1. 18" wingspan. Published in MAN, January 1957. 

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Square Bird

High wing rubber model. 19" wingspan. Published in FM May 1956. Great choice for the 20" rubber event at Lagunita. 

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Sure Flier

WWI Style biplane rubber model. 20" wingspan. Published in MAN June 1953. 

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Yard Bird

High wing rubber model. 16" wingspan. Published in MAN May 1954. 

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High wing lightweight cabin model. AKA as Commercial. 30" wingspan. Published in MAN November 1957. Great choice for Small Rubber events. 

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Fighter Fly

Low wing sport rubber model. 21" wingspan. Published in FM 1954. 

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