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Books for Indoor Building and Flying

Ron Williams' Classic Indoor Book Available Again

Ron Williams' "Building and Flying Indoor Model Airplanes" is the best book on the subject.  (And I have a very large collection of model aircraft books.)  It has been republished, so you don't have to pay collector prices to get a copy.  I won't say more except to second what it says on this Internet site: Ron Williams

Another Great Indoor Book

The other book you should have is Lew Gitlow's "Indoor Flying Models".  It is available at this Internet site, Flying Models, click on "Book Hanger" in the left column, then click or scroll down to "Free Flight".
Also available here:

Two Good General Guides to Free Flight Model Airplanes
Don Ross, "Ruber Powered Model Airplanes" and "Flying Models", written by a columnist for Flying Models magazine and available from them, click on "Book Hanger" in the left column, then click or scroll down to "Free Flight".
IMG_2709.JPG  IMG_2710.JPG
An Excellent Modelers Reference Book
William McCombs, "Making Scale Model Airplanes Fly for Sport or Contests", Aircraft Data, 1981, 1992.  This book is written by an aeronautical engineer and model designer.  I refer to it constantly.    $18.95+$6.00 from Susan Creamer, 1925 Clark Trail, Grand Prairie, TX, 75052.


Great Books For Beginners, Get Them If You Can Find Them
Bill Warner wrote a series of 14 articles for Model Builder magazine under the general title "Hey Kid! Ya Wanna Build a Model Airplane?", published from November 1987 to December 1988.  The demand for reprints was so high that they were gathered together and published in three books.  They are now out of print.

An Out of Print Classic

Rauel J. Hoffmann, "Model Aeronautics Made Painless", Model Aeronautic Publications, 1955, has been out of print for years.  It is an unsystematic collection of technical notes on various topics in model aviation, some related to indoor models, all interesting.  It is one of the famous Zaic Orange Books.


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